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Boys Are a Lousy God

Boys Are a Lousy God

Lately, I’ve been pondering my younger years. You know, those awkward high school days, walking the halls just trying to blend in or even sometimes trying to stick out for attention. I’ve been in both camps. Some of you are there now.

I was a broken girl with a major craving for acceptance and the fleeting eyes of boys. A dangerous combination.

While there are hundreds of things I wish I’d known then, there is one which peers down over the others:

Boys are a lousy God.

Chasing Impossibility

The affection of boys flees faster than the quickest honey bee. It lands to rest on another wild flower until the sweetness is gone, and off it goes in search of another. Even the steadiest of men fall tremendously short from the steadfast love of the Lord.

We need not look down on them, though, as our feelings shift and waver just as fast.…

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You Will Never Be Enough For That Guy

You Will Never Be Enough For That Guy

I called my boyfriend over and over again until he finally picked up by accident.

At first, I wasn’t sure what I was hearing. Just muffled voices stuffed in his pocket.

Then I heard her voice saying, “Did she hear us?!” followed by a quick disconnect.

My whole body went numb and my heart beat so fast I was instantly nauseous. Breathing became nearly impossible and shock was like a physical barrier to the tears that begged to flow.

He’s cheating on me.

Never Enough

Earlier that evening, I had paraded around in lingerie and heels while my photograph was taken. I felt “sexy” and wanted. The culture told me this was who I needed to become in order to be fully desired by men. If I couldn’t stop my boyfriend from looking at porn, I needed to join him by dressing, acting and looking like one of those women. I was a model, surely I was enough for him now.…

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My Broken Engagement Was God’s Greatest Gift To Me

My Broken Engagement Was God’s Greatest Gift To Me

In the wee hours of the morning I gazed with tear stained eyes at the ring on my little finger. I was shocked but at the same time had known all along it would play out that way. He had broken up with me so many times I’d lost count. I don’t know why I thought it would be different once marriage was on the table but I wanted to believe it would be. Pain gripped my heart as memories flooded my mind of saying yes to the dress and flipping through bridal magazines. Plans were made and a date was set.

Carried On

However pathetic, I begged him to change his mind as we spoke over the phone past midnight. After he’d dropped such a bomb on my heart I couldn’t let him hang up. “Please don’t hang up. This hurts so bad. How could you do this to me?!”…

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