Transparency for the Sake of Others

Transparency for the Sake of Others

Nearly everything is shared online these days. Moments of family fun, date nights, articles, songs, Bible study musings, you name it—we’ve probably shared it. Some people stay far away from exposing any personal details on social media. Meanwhile, others are an open book, allowing even strangers a ticket to see the inward battles they face.

In this culture we’ve created of sharing without thinking, and where authenticity is praised, we must learn not to share our struggles or heartaches simply for sharing’s sake. Many times, our openness is self-centered. We long for the praise that comes with it—the “you’re so brave’s” and the “you inspire me’s.” Or maybe we just want pity, so we share to get the attention our hearts crave.

As Christians, we should see the value of openness while also discerning what our motives are for sharing. Then we must strive to align our motives with scripture.

We Share to be Healed

We live in a society where the admission of sinful tendencies is often praised with no pursuit of growth attached to it.…

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