Brittany Lee Allen

Build Each Other Up In… Hate?

I have been confronted head on with what I believe is a big problem between Christians. The more I witness the outcome of this issue the more I am burdened for the hearts of those around me, saved and unsaved and the glory of the Lord.

Lately, I have found myself involved in a few debates and have been accused of and called many things. You’re probably thinking it’s some sort of persecution by unbelievers and I wish so badly that that was true. Unfortunately, these hurtful comments have been from self proclaimed followers of Christ. This has led me to pay closer attention to the way Christians interact in person and on social media. It has brought me down a discouraging road. It’s showed me that we are NOT building each other up in love (Ephesians 4:15-16) but rather we are tearing each other down in hate.

In many of the recent sermons I have listened to there has been a common theme: How the church (the body of Christ, local and universal) should dwell together. Fellow believers, there is a huge disconnect from what the scriptures say and how we are living among each other. I believe there are two key ways that we are failing to build each other up in love that are most damaging to the health of the body.

1. We are failing to show grace, and are downright hateful to those that have differing opinions from us on issues that are not clearly layed out in God’s word. Examples: Alcohol, modesty, vaccination, celebrating holidays, etc.

2. We are not honest and open with each other about our struggles, past and present. We are so closed off that we are letting those around us feel isolated in their struggle against sin.

I have become extremely passionate about these topics and have been confronted with my own failures in these areas. We are a body made up of sinners so there will inevitably be sinful interactions but let’s not continue to let that be our excuse to respond in ungodly ways. Let’s no longer hold onto our pride and unforgiveness. (Ephesians 4:32)

Because I really want to dig into these two issues I will, Lord willing, be writing two separate posts to hash them out. I pray that God will use them to help refine the way we love our brothers and sisters. I know I have a long way to go but praise God that he will complete the work that he started in his children! (Philippians 1:6)

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