The Love That Left Glory

The Love That Left Glory

This article was originally written for We Are His Daughters

My Husband and I are reading Randy Alcorn’s book entitled “Heaven.” Now, that’s a book that will cause you to long for our true home.

Heaven is a place of perfection and righteousness. A place with no more pain, fear, or death. Can you imagine never sinning again?

And most importantly, life eternal where we will meet our Savior face to face.

Though we can’t fully grasp the glory ahead of us, we know it will be more breathtaking than we could ever dream.

What Love is This?

Imagine a love so great that would move someone to leave the perfection of Heaven and come to earth. This earth, that is filled with such terror; so much pain. Imagine the sinless Son of God, who possessed riches beyond belief, willingly submitting himself to this sinful world, coming to save those who spurned his name. Those who would scream “Crucify him!”

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