Brittany Lee Allen

Hips Don’t Lie: Idolatry and the Degradation of Women

You know what makes a woman dance on stage while exposing her body for all to see? 


Rather than merely providing entertainment, she thinks she’s actually controlling men with her body. She thinks that sexy=strong and she uses that “strength” to entice and control the opposite gender. If she gets the attention she craves, she only wants more. If she doesn’t, she feels worthless. She’s made “being desired” her god.

Many of us think the end all get all is to be supremely desirable. But in striving to achieve this, we’re really only left with a heart full of idolatry and shame. The men we hoped would bow before us actually take their seat on the throne of our heart. We lay our bodies on the altar of a false god and worship

Our hips don’t lie. They tell the story of brokenness which entered the world at the first bite of the forbidden fruit. I see it in my own heart. I see it in the hearts of single women, married women, Christian and non-Christian. Some dress to get the attention of particular men. Some of us get angry when our husband doesn’t praise our beauty as we want. 

Let’s STOP. Let’s serve the true God. Let’s clothe ourselves with Christ. It’s not just about self-respect or teaching our daughters to respect themselves, it’s about turning from our idolatry and teaching our daughters that there’s more to life than being viewed as “sexy.” Our lives have a much deeper purpose and a weightier worth in Jesus. We teach them, and remind ourselves, that Jesus is better—that he’s the most wonderful treasure to behold.

I’d love for women to forgo their acts of degradation out of respect for their inherent worth as image-bearers. But more than that, I’d love for all of us to treasure Christ so much that the thought of placing anything or anyone before him seems impossible.

I have a heart for women who degrade themselves because I once was one of them. But praise the Lord for his grace! He offers it to anyone who runs to him as a refuge from sin. So run.

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