Brittany Lee Allen

Spring’s Gospel Presentation

Here in Ohio, we’re experiencing what we like to call “fool’s Spring.” It’s where the weather suddenly goes from wintery mix to blue skies. The warmth upon your face from the sun above might trick a fool into thinking it’s the real deal only to crush your dreams in a few days when the temperature drops again. It’s a taste of Spring, anyway, and I’m not complaining. 

It stirs my mind to ponder the little “tastes” of what heaven will be like, where flowers never fade and life reigns eternally. We see glimpses of it now in the revival of dead grass and baby bunnies due to frolic in our yard in the coming weeks. I can’t help but hear the song of redemption in the melody of the birds. New branches begin to form on desolate rose bushes and all I can think of is the power of the gospel, calling dead sinners to new life in Christ. Spring calls out, “Look to Jesus. Look to Jesus. Behold the Lamb who was slain! Taste and see!”

Let us listen, moving past noticing the mere beauty of Spring to noticing its gospel presentation. Creation is preaching Christ to us.

Taste and see he revives the world again.
Taste and see life springs up anew.
Taste and see he remains ever faithful.
Taste and see his promises are true.


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