Brittany Lee Allen

A Safe Place from Wounding Words

Have you ever decided to open up to those around you only to have them use your honesty as ammo? What happens when someone who is supposed to protect and love you wounds you so deeply you begin to question everything? Maybe it was a friend, a fellow church member, or even a pastor. You start to wonder who can you trust? Who won’t use your honesty, vulnerability, struggle, or grief against you? Their words may even cause you to question your identity or worse, your salvation. Is there anyone you can run to now?

Friend, there is. You can run to your Lord who sees. More than that, he cares. He knows the nitty gritty details of your pain—the words that wounded you that you can’t share. He sees how confused you are and the questions racing through your mind. The injustice you’ve experienced is not lost on him. Your tears are not foreign to him.

But also, don’t let this experience keep you from leaning in to those who stand by your side. Find your person (or people) who is willing to bear it all with you. I know it’s scary (I really do). I know what it’s like to be tempted to hide your suffering so that no one can use your vulnerability against you ever again. To say you’re okay because it’s less scary than telling the truth.

Fight with me to believe the Body of Christ is still good. Because she is. Learn with me to trust again. Because we can. Strive alongside me to assume the best in the future even when we’ve experienced the worst in the past.

There’s hope and healing in Christ after wounding words have marked your soul.

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