Brittany Lee Allen

Do You Remember? (a poem)

a poem for my sweet husband on our ninth wedding anniversary.

Do you remember
how in the beginning
I took offense to your joke
that I should sew?
“Not my type.”
Famous last words.

Do you remember
months of friendship and laughter and Bible study later
I changed my mind?
Nine years now and
I still choose you.
I will always choose you.

Do you remember
the waddling duck before us
as we walked the path
ahead of our friends
when we got lost in our conversation?
I knew you’d be my husband.

Do you remember
when we walked for the first time
our favorite trail
on a warm February day
and you held my hand in your own?

Do you remember
how I forgot the people in the pews
and wiped my lipstick off your lips
on the alter
when I became your bride?

Do you remember
how many bobby pins
you patiently took from my hair
before we could
become one?

Do you remember
how you held my body still
in the middle of the night
as you saw my panic attacks?
I warned you.
And you stayed.

Do you remember
how crazy it felt that a little life
made from us
was nestled in my womb?

Do you remember
when you held me in your arms
as that same little life
slipped from my womb?
I said “never again.”

Do you remember
how angry you were
when they pulled me apart,
limb upon limb,
crushing my spirit?

Do you remember,
years of sorrow and three losses later,
when our son was placed on my chest?
I didn’t believe it would happen.
And then it happened again.

Do you remember
when I gave birth and couldn’t walk
and you were my legs,
keeping me steady
while holding all the weight
on your shoulders?

Do you remember
Sleepless nights and baby smiles,
toddler giggles and kisses goodnight?

Do you remember
how much I love you
after all these years?
Do you remember,
my love?

I do.

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