Brittany Lee Allen

Gifts Forged in Grief

When plunking piano keys and singing at the top of my lungs turned to boredom, I asked to go outside. “Sure, baby. By the way, there’s watermelon in the fridge and Whitehouse Cherry Ice Cream in the freezer,” my Mamaw said in her Kentucky-born accent. I dashed out the garage door, my pastel dress and […]

Warring with All of Creation

I have been in a cosmic battle with principalities and squirrels. I’m not kidding—it has begun to feel like creation has a vendetta against me. It’s an ongoing conspiracy. I’m not proud of this but I am hemorrhaging birdseed and have resorted to a variety of things to try to deter the squirrels from startling […]

Earthly Healing is Fickle

Have you ever wrestled with God over a thorn in your side for years? You’ve begged him for relief. You’ve asked him for healing so much and heard his “no” for so long that you’ve surrendered to a life of struggle. Not in a defeated sort of way (okay, maybe sometimes), but more of an […]

The Diagnosis I Never Believed Would Come

This post was written right when I received my diagnosis and knew very little about my condition. Since then, I have discovered that the outlook isn’t as great as it originally seemed. You can read about that here. Yet, the truth found in this blog post remains unchanging: God is so faithful. He always will […]

Glory Stealers

It’s puzzle season in my house right now. Usually starting sometime in November I start feeling the itch to start one. I’ve always loved puzzles, but they just hit differently in your thirties. Maybe it’s a (almost geriatric) millennial thing. Anyways, you know who else loves a good puzzle? My three-year-old. He’s actually not terrible […]

All My Not-Enoughness

I see a post on Instagram from another Christian writer and it’s so beautiful and wise and creative. Wish I’d thought of it. I’m not creative enough, I conclude. / I’m writing a book and sometimes my brain hurts and the words won’t come. I feel overwhelmed by the phrases in my mind and how […]