Brittany Lee Allen

Seasons of Spiritual Drought

If you walked the path alongside our house from the driveway, you’d find a patch of dried up wildflowers. Continuing around the corner and past the blue chair on the patio, you’d notice more dead plants in pots as well as a much bigger patch of dried up, shriveled stalks that used to be zinnias. […]

Even When I Hate My Body, God Calls it Good

I said “I hate my body.”  The words came out like venom. And in that moment, I meant each one. It’s not even just the way my body looks. No, it’s the way it feels. It’s the persistent bloat that presses tightly against even my sized-up jeans. An ever expanding pressure; a ticking time bomb. […]

The Control We Don’t Have (a poem)

I hear myself say it.“Oh, how I wish he’d let goof the control he doesn’t have.”And my heart is pricked.Because I know,that’s a word for me too. An anxious mamamothering an anxious little boy.I think,what could be a biggertrain wreck?But I know God is trustworthy.And he’s given us each other.A mama who can empathizeand a […]

Heart Weeds (a poem)

The crabgrass creeps in,weeds reach high toward sun rays,across the full length of what’s meant to be a flower bed.They seek to overshadow every bloom and cover every inch.But beauty reaches higher.Abiding, abiding. And I think of my own heart weeds.The ones that try to prowl upon my soul,telling stories of unbelief, loneliness,and a God […]

But I’m Okay (a poem)

And ever since that daywhen I sat in your cold office hands on my lap,ears hearing wounding words,heart taking heavy blows, I’m scared to tell someone when I’m not okay. But really,I’m okay.

Do You Remember? (a poem)

a poem for my sweet husband on our ninth wedding anniversary. Do you rememberhow in the beginningI took offense to your jokethat I should sew?“Not my type.”Famous last words. Do you remembermonths of friendship and laughter and Bible study laterI changed my mind?Nine years now andI still choose you.I will always choose you. Do you […]