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FEAR: No longer a slave.

FEAR: No longer a slave.

I saw it and my heart sunk. Immediately, I began to feel panic spring up from my core. Worry consumed me.

What did I see? An article someone had shared on Facebook. I didn’t even click to read it. The title alone was enough to send me into a full fledged panic attack: “Health Officials Warn of Stomach Bug Surge.”

I know what you’re thinking. Wow, that seems dramatic. I understand, and as much as I can be quite the drama queen this is a serious issue in my life. A struggle I once thought I’d never overcome. I have a deep and destructive fear of throwing up. Fear is a tricky thing. In some ways fear is protective. It prompts us to look twice before crossing a road or find shelter in a bad storm. Most often though, fear is a damaging thing. And in my life, I was allowing it to wreak havoc on my soul.

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