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Loneliness is Inevitable

Loneliness is Inevitable

Lonely Seasons

No matter how many times I come home to an empty house it still feels lonesome. When I was single, I dreaded my vacant apartment thinking “Maybe one day I’ll have a husband to come home to.” Then I married my husband who worked until midnight for the first 2 years of our marriage. It always felt hard to drive to the place we called home knowing it would be many hours before he’d arrive. I’d say “Maybe some day he’ll have normal hours so I don’t have to be alone at night.”

That season was almost harder than my season of singleness and unfortunately I’m not sure I responded with as much faith as I did when I was single.

God had given me what I wanted but in my heart it felt like I only received half my portion.

Expectations of cooking my husband dinner and watching our favorite show or reading the bible together weren’t met.…

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