Brittany Lee Allen

Entrust Your Life to the Omniscient God

This article was originally published at Whole Magazine as part of their Attributes of God series. We spend our lives wondering, don’t we? “I wonder if I’ll get the job.” “I wonder if I’ll get married.” “I wonder why this is happening.“ It’s natural. We long for answers—for knowledge of things past, present, and future. […]

This Pregnancy Isn’t About Me

If I've learned anything in this season, it's that pregnancy isn't really about me anyway.

I wanted to share an update but felt unsure of how. The typical “Baby Allen coming soon!” announcement just isn’t within our reach. We hope the above statement is true, but only God knows. So, this is the best way I found to say…we’re pregnant again. I was hesitant to share this. I feared what […]

When “Thy Will Be Done” Becomes Self-Protection

How do you keep bringing your broken heart before the God who allowed it to be shattered?

I was restless. Many thoughts bouncing from one side of my head to the other, colliding and creating more thoughts. Silently, I watched the Black-Capped Chickadees dash across the yard into the white spruce right outside the window, their quickness mimicking the questions and fears racing through my mind. How do you keep bringing your […]