When Wives Bribe Their Husbands With Sex

When Wives Bribe Their Husbands With Sex

This article is intended for adult women only. 

It’s a tale as old as time. An exhausted wife looks at the mountain of laundry, and then at dirty dishes practically jumping out from the sink. She glances over, only to see her husband relaxing on the couch. She thinks to herself, I know what will make him help me. And thus begins her manipulation to get the help she desires.

The only problem is, sex is not and never should be a bribe.

The Purpose of Sex

There are multiple purposes for which God created sex. In Genesis 1:28, we see sex was a means to reproduce and fill the earth. While this is the most obvious reason God created sex, we can infer from the way he created it to work, between husband and wife, that he also created it to bring pleasure within marriage.

God is in control of the biological, emotional and spiritual affects of sex, because he created it.…

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Boys Are a Lousy God

Boys Are a Lousy God

Lately, I’ve been pondering my younger years. You know, those awkward high school days, walking the halls just trying to blend in or even sometimes trying to stick out for attention. I’ve been in both camps. Some of you are there now.

I was a broken girl with a major craving for acceptance and the fleeting eyes of boys. A dangerous combination.

While there are hundreds of things I wish I’d known then, there is one which peers down over the others:

Boys are a lousy God.

Chasing Impossibility

The affection of boys flees faster than the quickest honey bee. It lands to rest on another wild flower until the sweetness is gone, and off it goes in search of another. Even the steadiest of men fall tremendously short from the steadfast love of the Lord.

We need not look down on them, though, as our feelings shift and waver just as fast.…

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What It Really Means To Be Fully Known

What It Really Means To Be Fully Known

In the latter days of our engagement I, like any bride to be, was looking forward to our wedding night, where I would “become one” with my Groom. (Genesis 2:24). I was nervous and excited to be “fully Known” by the man I loved. What I didn’t know was what fully known actually means.

After nearly 4 years of marriage I have learned that it’s about so much more than sex. To be fully known is to allow yourself to be fully given.

Naked and Shamed

We see this in the first marriage in Genesis:

And the man and his wife were both naked and were not ashamed. (Genesis 2:25 ESV)

My wedding night was beautiful except for one big elephant in the room: shame. And my unwelcome friend, Shame, followed me all throughout our honeymoon. Why are you here, Shame?!

Remember how you used to use sex as a tool to make you feel loved?

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Why I Submit to My Husband

Why I Submit to My Husband

Uh oh. I said the S word. This can’t be good.

In a culture that celebrates pride and the rejection of all types of authority, submission is defined as weakness. It’s seen as equivalent to being a door mat or a punching bag.

I used to think this way. But as I grew in my faith I began to recognize how completely wrong I was. It’s easy, even natural, to rebel against authority. Authority threatens our sense of control over our lives.

What takes great strength though, is submission.

Hear me out.

What is True Submission?

Biblical submission is much different from how our culture defines it. The world says a woman who submits to her husband is weak-willed and has no opinions or thoughts for herself. She is useless. A waste of potential.

Biblical submission, however, is truly a beautiful picture of Christ and his Bride.

Wives, submit to your own husbands, as to the Lord.

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Marry a Man With These Characteristics

Marry a Man With These Characteristics

One thing that drives me nuts is the idea that real manhood equals a life of hunting, driving big trucks, and owning multiple guns.

Mostly, because I look around and see many men who just aren’t wired that way. Some men care more about computers and would rather sleep in a comfy bed than in a tent. Just like women aren’t all interested in pretty dresses and Anne of Green Gables, men shouldn’t be considered “manly” by their hobbies and interests.

And just as scripture should inform our minds about biblical womanhood, motherhood and the like, we must allow scripture to teach us what true manhood is as well.

So, on behalf of my single girls, I decided to look to the Creator of men to find what is true manhood as he designed and the true characteristics you should be looking for in a potential husband.


1. He loves sacrificially.

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Wives, You’re Not Immune To Attraction

Wives, You’re Not Immune To Attraction

It all started with that first happily ever after movie, preaching the same old story of perfection found in a prince. He would be dashingly handsome and his charisma would forever sweep me off my feet. We would live, always fully enthralled with each other’s affection and never tempted to glance away.

Or so I thought.

They Lied To Us

Movies and Christian romance novels have lied to us, ladies. So many of us believe that once we find the right “prince,” our affections will never waver and our eyes will never wander. But that’s a lie…and a dangerous one.

Here’s the thing. Saying your vows isn’t like taking a love potion. At some point in your marriage, you will be tempted. We don’t like to talk about these things because of embarrassment, but there’s truth to be heeded here.

It’s no secret that I think my man is pretty hot.…

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