You Have To Fight For Freedom From Sin

You Have To Fight For Freedom From Sin

She lashed out at her kids again. She knows it’s wrong but just feels like she has no control over her tongue. “They just make me so angry!” she says.

Another woman is hit with intense temptation again. The weight is almost unbearable. She figures, if she gives in, she’ll at least have some relief. But there’s no relief in a porn addiction.

One girl feels panic coming into her heart like a freight train. She spent the day allowing her mind to be filled with fear and worry. As night falls, the anxiety presses upon her and she can’t breathe. She feels paralyzed, all while her body flails from the attack.

What do all these women have in common?

A desperate need for freedom.

Free in Christ

True freedom from sin only comes from genuine faith in Jesus. (Romans 6). Until God saves us, we cannot choose anything other than sin.…

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Boys Are a Lousy God

Boys Are a Lousy God

Lately, I’ve been pondering my younger years. You know, those awkward high school days, walking the halls just trying to blend in or even sometimes trying to stick out for attention. I’ve been in both camps. Some of you are there now.

I was a broken girl with a major craving for acceptance and the fleeting eyes of boys. A dangerous combination.

While there are hundreds of things I wish I’d known then, there is one which peers down over the others:

Boys are a lousy God.

Chasing Impossibility

The affection of boys flees faster than the quickest honey bee. It lands to rest on another wild flower until the sweetness is gone, and off it goes in search of another. Even the steadiest of men fall tremendously short from the steadfast love of the Lord.

We need not look down on them, though, as our feelings shift and waver just as fast.…

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What It Really Means To Be Fully Known

What It Really Means To Be Fully Known

In the latter days of our engagement I, like any bride to be, was looking forward to our wedding night, where I would “become one” with my Groom. (Genesis 2:24). I was nervous and excited to be “fully Known” by the man I loved. What I didn’t know was what fully known actually means.

After nearly 4 years of marriage I have learned that it’s about so much more than sex. To be fully known is to allow yourself to be fully given.

Naked and Shamed

We see this in the first marriage in Genesis:

And the man and his wife were both naked and were not ashamed. (Genesis 2:25 ESV)

My wedding night was beautiful except for one big elephant in the room: shame. And my unwelcome friend, Shame, followed me all throughout our honeymoon. Why are you here, Shame?!

Remember how you used to use sex as a tool to make you feel loved?

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Wives, You’re Not Immune To Attraction

Wives, You’re Not Immune To Attraction

It all started with that first happily ever after movie, preaching the same old story of perfection found in a prince. He would be dashingly handsome and his charisma would forever sweep me off my feet. We would live, always fully enthralled with each other’s affection and never tempted to glance away.

Or so I thought.

They Lied To Us

Movies and Christian romance novels have lied to us, ladies. So many of us believe that once we find the right “prince,” our affections will never waver and our eyes will never wander. But that’s a lie…and a dangerous one.

Here’s the thing. Saying your vows isn’t like taking a love potion. At some point in your marriage, you will be tempted. We don’t like to talk about these things because of embarrassment, but there’s truth to be heeded here.

It’s no secret that I think my man is pretty hot.…

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Fifty Shades Darker and the Savior Woman Mentality

Fifty Shades Darker and the Savior Woman Mentality

“I don’t know what I’d do if anything ever happened to you.”

“Don’t you know you’re not the first woman to try to change him?”

These boringly predictable quotes came through my car speakers on the radio last week. Again, the objectification of women and distortion of God’s design for sex is promoted as this years “love” story for Valentines Day.

But it’s far from it.

Darker is Not Better

I am not writing this to change the mind of the culture. I don’t expect those outside of Christianity to agree with me. But with each Christ claiming woman I see promoting this movie, my heart aches. It aches for their indiscretion and for the watching world that sees them profess love for the Lord and then pay to see a movie that profanes his name.

Though this article is meant to get to the root issue behind the reason this movie is so popular, I have to address the obvious content.…

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The Church Needs Women Who Are Open About Lust

The Church Needs Women Who Are Open About Lust

Right now, as you read this article, Christian women across the world are silently wrestling with lust. You might be one of them.

Clothed in shame over their failed attempts to fight on their own, they hide.

She’s the single girl who wasn’t taught correctly about purity and God’s design for sex. She’s the married mom of two, who’s struggle didn’t end when she found her husband, like she thought it would. She’s the teen with new desires. She’s the older women in the pew next to you.

And she’s in desperate need of help before it’s too late.

Truly, it’s an epidemic.

This epidemic of women pretending like lust doesn’t exist in all of our lives. We walk around as if we have fully eluded its grip, unscathed.

But most of us, if not all, haven’t.

The Reality of Lust Among Christian Women

Out of all of the articles I’ve written, one has stuck out as most popular by a landslide.…

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